Choose what to dwell on, yes, you have a choice:

Is Saturday morning … I am already on my mat about to kick off with Sarita’s class, this week was a pretty intense and the clutter of the past busy days is still in my head, my body is resenting so many hours of seating. What a week! Yeaks, can't believe it, all the things I had to do, how is this even possible… this is bad…my thoughts keep spinning around and around. I need this class so bad I tell to myself and start placing my intention: Thank you, my intention for this class will be to give thanks: I start to make a list of everything I am grateful for and I realize, hey? Why was I feeling so overwhelmed? What did I decide to think this was a bad week? It wasn’t a bad week at all!!! It was a terrific week as matter fact! My thoughts start slowly shifting from a stressful storm of negative ideas to a peaceful realization of accomplishment, the more points I add, the more I see my feelings were the result of only seen the negative side of everything, instead of transitioning to the completion of my week’s challenges As the class goes on I notice the spots in my lungs I letting air come through, it hurts, the stress was not allowing me to breathe normally and I was not conscious about until I stopped and stepped on my mat Sarita’s classes are one of my favorites ( I only have one favourite class per teacher in the studio ) before the class finishes Sarita shares special insights from her teachers that to me are extremely enlightening. Saturday’s insight resonated within me: we are hardwired for negativity, and we need to purposely shift into positive thoughts and dwell on the positive thoughts, be aware not to drift away into the darker side of the brain. After my class, I decided to research more about this as Sarita mentioned this was based on science and found more information to increase awareness to help ourselves from drowning in pessimism. So don't let your brain fool you! life is great just read more about how to make the switch

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