Who is in charge? YOU? or this chair?

The other day we were introduced to a very special person whose job is to nurture companies cultures and to motivate groups. I can describe this special individual, as the kind of person who vibrates at a higher frequency, someone that gives you peace and calm as soon as you shake hands with them. As he started his conversation it felt that he was going to deliver a very important message: I wasn’t wrong. He told us this metaphor about a chair sitting in front of you, and the chair telling you who you are, after saying this he asked: who has the power in this situation? The answer: The chair has the power in this situation, what the chair says you are is what you believe you are, you are letting this chair dictate your situation, that is you depositing all the power in an external source. Then he continues… if you put this chair behind you and decide not to listen to it, then you are no longer under “The chairs control” you have taken away all the power from it, so bottom line you decide whether you let external on internal sources to determine your circumstances, or you take control over the situation and work towards your goals in despites of what may be going on in your life. How many times we have said to ourselves I can't overcome this obstacle because I am too short, or too fat. That shouldn’t be the way to approach life, switch gears, take a deep breath and move that chair away from your sight. I was trying to remember people that overcome obstacles that for others would have meant giant chairs and found these examples: 1. Albert Einstein didn’t speak until he was four years old _ He developed the theory of relativity 2. Jim Carrey used to be homeless – One of the best comedians of his era 3. Bethany Hamilton had her arm bitten off by a shark – She won first place in the Explorers Women’s Division of the NSSA National Championship 4. Richard Branson has dyslexia – He is the fourth richest person in the UK 5. Stephen King’s first novel was rejected 30 times – he has now sold over 350 million copies And the achiever's list goes on forever, just look around and you will realize that success is not equal to lack of obstacles, is more about overcoming these obstacles without letting them decide for us! Don’t let the chair take over when you are “The one in control”

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