So sorry can’t be happy now, will re-schedule for a later date

Have you ever said this? Well, I have and many more times than I was aware of I got caught saying this to myself the other day: I will be so happy when I am done with this “current project”…and realized hey! I have said this before, many many years ago when I was looking forward concluding my thesis, then again when I was trying to sell my car and again and again on multiple occasions. Who knows how many other times I have inadvertently postponed my happiness? Why is happiness or satisfaction always a place in the future? This doesn’t have to be the case I have set a definitive date and list for my happiness. Working to accomplish my goal of happiness instead of just adding to the list. I will end this cycle of procrastinating and reach my ultimate goal of happiness. The phrase ” there is no time like the present ” now resonates within. I am making up my mind to be here and now in the present, to forget that grass is always greener… to forget that I am a better person with this or that achievement, because I am good enough just now, this morning, as I open my eyes and walk down the street heading towards a new day. I will complain less and appreciate more,I will stuff my brain with more good news and focus on good memories and store good laughs. I don’t want to keep paying this fee to be re-scheduling my happiness, today everything is just so perfectly great. So it’s Monday! the perfect day of the week to be here, and now, to be YOU and me !! I can't afford Procrastination anymore !!!! will capitalize on my life enjoyment from now on! So how many times have you caught yourself re-scheduling happiness?

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