The wisdom in others…specially older people

Whenever I have the privilege of the “time” I try to take a walk to my yoga classes on Main Street, my walk to the studio is like a little adventure as there is always something new around the corner. Since we are so lucky to have these 4 different seasons in the year, the landscape is always changing and these walks never repeat themselves. The other day I was about to cross paths with this lady that was walking towards a garden on one side of the road. The lady slowly stopped in front of this big colourful flower, looked at me and looked back at this flower and said: Look at this beautiful flower here!.Her expression was so heartfelt and honest that I couldn’t resist feeling amazed by what she said. I was more impressed with her amusement that with the flower herself, yes it was a beautiful flower indeed, but, is was unique to hear her saying what a great discover she’s just made. My answer to her was: Yes it is a beautiful flower, we better enjoy it now, since it will be gone soon. And as I walked away in my happy go lucky stroll I thought to myself, isn’t this lady a nicer approach to things than the one many of us have in life? Is a better approach than the one person walking down the street Pokemon-going on their phone missing the beautiful summer as they catch non-existing weird looking cartoons. A better approach than that dude’s using headphones and ignoring everybody around him. A better approach to life than the one I have when I text my way to work and avoid eye contact with strangers. Think next time I will keep my phone in my pocket longer and find a wiser way to spend time as I travel or commute, and maybe I can find and see even more beauty around me.

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  1. I’m always amazed by the older people. They are calm and still got excitement about little details. Sometimes, as a millenniums we forget the scent of life.

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