6 reasons why you should not become a Yoga teacher

It has been a while since I started my yoga journey. I felt pretty excited with the thought of becoming a Yoga teacher well, who wouldn’t want to be a Yoga teacher anyways? I mean look at them! Always looking and talking pretty chilled, they smile when they greet you, lead you through a really good practice for 90 minutes and they go home! It seemed like a pretty cool thing to do. And I said; well even if I don’t end up teaching for a living, I can still learn how to practice on my own, right? Is definitely a good idea, I said. So I decided to sign up for the Yoga Teacher Training, last October. Confident that after spending so much time as a student, learning the postures will come with no surprises. But let me tell you, becoming a yoga teacher was not even close to the simple basic idea of learning postures and Sanskrit I had in mind. It was actually quite different, and let me give you 5 reasons to illustrate how things differed from my original simplistic expectations. 1. You are stepping out of your comfort zone: As a regular yoga practitioner, I thought I had at least 70% of the “homework” done, BUT, I was wrong. The teacher training approach is holistic, which helped me set goals for my overall well-being: focusing on better eating habits, setting a positive encouraging affirmation "mantra" for the length of my training, and reviewing each goal every week, for a monitored personal development. I can say I have improved in many areas and I still keep an eye on the ones I still feel weak about. 2.The world as you know it changes...for the better As you progress with the program, you become friends with your yogi fellas, they are the best, they are your strength and support when you are weak or challenged 3. Self-awareness: You are more aware of your thoughts, and realize, that you can manage to “shut up“ the chatting monkey that normally wouldn’t leave you alone, I call it “chatting monkey” I am sure you have a name for it and you know what I mean. That incessant internal conversation that is sometimes better on a leash. 4. Community appreciation and unity: Your yoga teachers and the studio goers are part of your community and its easier to feel at home with all these like minded yogis around you. I thought that becoming a Yoga teacher in Vancouver was not a novelty. Turns out is totally the opposite, whenever I mention I am taking my training, people jump in happiness and volunteer right away to be your student if you need to rehearse your classes. Having a small group of people willing to help you practice is comes in handy, especially when you need to prepare for your tests Your students are your teachers. (I will explain this in another blog entry) I am currently setting up a practice with my colleagues at work, it will be a very short class but they can’t wait to get the rehearsal started. And I can’t wait either to practice my yoga teacher new powers on them. 5. You’ll smile more I am a very smiley person but for some reason, this program makes me happier, my yogi classmates and teachers make me feel accompanied in this journey, so I am happy throughout the lessons and the days when I need to practice on my own as well. As a result, I have new friends, teachers and yogi students friends, a brand new community in the making, and I am only halfway through the program. Now, whenever I go to a class at the studio I can greet my teacher and say Hey! I am also becoming a Yoga teacher here at the studio and BAM! Yes, I am one of you! 6. The grey clouds in the horizon are …still grey but At least they won’t have the power to take over my happiness. When you practice yoga, or when you are a yoga teacher in the making, you are developing self-awareness. Whenever you feel sad or lonely, or wishing things were different, you with your new mindset, know that a fixed dwelling routine is not needed. Your less happy situations won’t anchor you for too long, you learn to let go, and carry on through the storms. So, there you go, these are just a few reasons to make up your mind about becoming a Yoga teacher to enhance your life experience or remain in your comfort zone. If you have other reasons, I would love to read about them. I will post a few more in a few days. Namaste

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