Who are you spending time with?

As adults, our lives are usually fully scheduled. Maybe you’re are working full-time and spending quite a bit of your life hanging out at the office with your co-workers. Or perhaps you’re at the other end of the spectrum, as a stay-at-home parent or caregiver, and most of your time is spent looking after the children or an elderly parent. Once the work day is over, you plan to join a friend for coffee or dinner or maybe spend some time with the family, and of course, let's not forget the time we spend with our lovely partners. After all these different activities and fun times spent with the people in our social circle is hard to understand why we sometimes feel exhausted and drained. The times fly by while social commitments consume our time; we go from one place to another, one conversation to the next, we take trips and attend workshops, and then we wonder where did the time go?. What did we do all winter? Where did the spring go? We’re often so busy that we barely even notice the pages of the calendar turning. This carnival of life happens so quickly, and we end up overlooking the most important person we should be spending time with OURSELVES. We spend so much time accommodating the needs of our loved ones and the people around us, that we skip the transcendental key to keeping ourselves happy and make our journey worthwhile. When we neglect ourselves, we start to feel distant and detached. We lose our presence in the moment and there are less heart and less flavor in our daily lives. Starting the task of self-prioritizing may seem difficult, but it can be done little by little. For example, try reconnecting with yourself by putting your cell phone away for a few hours every evening. Another little step you can take towards spending more time with yourself is taking short walks, even 15 or 20 minutes walks can be enough to put your focus back on you. These easy tasks will help you develop new habits: read a book before bed instead of watching the news; indulge a little and run yourself a hot bath in the evening. Basically, taking the time to do anything you enjoy can become your “time with yourself”, and even when you start small, you’ll start to notice how much lighter and more energized you feel. The more you are connected to yourself the more you will be able to understand the others around you

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