Six FREE activities that you are treating as a luxury

A while ago I started noticing that people around me were missing out on six essential-life-enhancing daily practices. Some of the self-care practices I noticed gone from many people's lives were the ones listed below: Getting enough SLEEP: Most of us go through life sleep deprived, barely managing to drag ourselves out of bed. We take pride in our ability to function on less and less sleep when really we are depriving our bodies of valuable recovery time. When we get enough sleep we make healthier decisions, work better and are generally equipped to handle anything life throws at us. EATING well: Mindful eating is no longer a common practice in today’s society, we eat while on the phone, or in front of the computer, or while watching TV. Studies conducted over the past 20 years have shown that mindful eating helps reduce overeating and bingeing, which in turn helps to stabilize blood sugar levels and reduce mood swings, cravings, and crashes. Next time you sit down for a meal, try putting the electronics down and focusing on your food: chew each bite thoroughly, take breaks for water, and be mindful of the nutrients rejuvenating your body.   Enjoy QUALITY TIME: who has time to do anything anymore? Try to make the most of the free time you have and save some time to DO NOTHING. When you take time to decompress you’ll feel refreshed, lighter and happier. Have Good CONVERSATIONS: good conversations are rare these days. I constantly find myself battling for attention against annoying mobile phones and short attention spans when I try to converse to certain friends. After fighting for attention for a while I feel very odd. Next time you’re talking to a friend or colleague, try giving them your undivided attention and really connect with what they have to say. We all could be happier with a bit more of human connection. Make room for PLAYTIME: taking the time to play around and do silly things becomes less and less common as we grow up. We are so tightly scheduled, so busy, that letting loose and having fun is a luxury. We could all benefit from taking life a little bit less seriously because life is too short. Every day shouldn’t feel like a chore, so save time to have some fun.   Have a good LAUGH: how many times a day do you laugh? Studies have shown that adults laugh an average of 17 times a day, but I can tell you right now that these studies are wrong because most of the adults I know laugh ZERO times a day. Seriously! Everyone should have more joy in their life! So, these are the six activities I think we should all start doing because even though they’re free, it could cost you in the end if you don't dedicate time to do them. Try to start making time for the things you enjoy, especially the things you’ve stopped doing because you’re “too busy”. Happiness is free, and it’s one of life’s most valuable qualities.

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