As a creative mind, I have multiple interests in life; yoga, traveling, writing, and reading are just some of my biggest passions. Creating and communicating ideas to others is what has driven my career throughout my professional life and is the core of all the activities in my life. My career started off as a graphic designer then expanded to marketing and communications, in the last few years I have expanded my professional experience to the digital marketing where pretty much everything is converging nowadays. When I am not at work I can be found around town  or at the yoga studio where I attend yoga classes on Main street. I have started writing a blog as a volunteer for Open Door Yoga this year ( 2016 ) and my role has evolved to manage their social media platform which keeps expanding to more social media platforms. Writing this blog has allowed me to  combine my love for communicating with others and the love for yoga. When I started writing for the yoga studio, I discovered how enjoyable it is to write and share these stories with others, and then later receive positive comments from others on how much they like reading my posts. I am happy to say that I can see some positive numbers in the analytics that proove they are actually reading the blog! Try reading one or two of my blogs entries. In my posts I talk about what these yoga classes have brought to my life, my reflections on little and big things, life and personal insights in general. I almost forgot to mention that I am also a photography enthusiast and I have been given the opportunity to  showcase some my photos in a couple of venues in Vancouver. The show’s title is “God is in the Details” and you can read my artist’s statement here This is a brief description about my career and interests. If you want to learn more, take a quick tour of my website and contact me as well using the contact form below: