Challenging times... this is the way I go through them The first time I stepped into a yoga studio it was like those times in a movie when the fast paced music stops all of a sudden…and everything else stays still, my hectic life suddenly stopped.     There I was: no cell phone, no signs to read, no watches to keep track of the time, no one to talk to. Then, it hit me, for the next hour or so I was going to be on my edge, doing a very challenging yoga class. I had no idea about what to do next, just listened to the teacher’s instructions and flowed through the class.   This was a while back, in my first year as an immigrant in Canada I had no idea where this yoga journey will take me.   My name is Rebeca, Costa Rican born now living in Vancouver, I am a graphic artist ( so they say, I just like to picture ideas), and marketing professional. I started my journey in yoga as a way to cope with the daily stress of life and now it has become a lifestyle.  Sometimes I find obstacles in life and also create a few as if they were necessary, I found in yoga a safe space to slow down and recharge to declutter my path and walk through these life obstacles.   I have been given the great opportunity to write a blog as a “Karma Yogi” for “Open Door Yoga” in Vancouver, in this blog I share thoughts and experiences related to yoga, and how yoga enhances my life. As a yoga student I find many changes in my life with my practice, and often wonder if other students experience the same changes.      
I remember one of my first aha! moments, when the sentence: “Mind and body aligned”  finally made sense to me.
      My teacher said: if your mind is wandering, you won't achieve your posture.There you go, cut the noise, focus on what you are doing at the moment, nothing else! and you will nail whatever you are doing. It was that simple, well, maybe not that simple, in theory, it was, but it takes time to get skilled, “Mind and body aligned” both doing the same thing at the same time: I am here, right now, breathing relaxing in this space nowhere else. I am here right now and it feels good to be doing just that.   I think as my yoga practice develops with time the benefits constantly evolve, lately for me it has become a refuge within myself, a peaceful warm feeling I can bring along with me.   How has your yoga practice influenced and changed your life? Have your surroundings changed or have you adjusted how your surroundings affect you? After becoming Yoga certified, I thought that sharing Yoga was the best way to continue walking through this path, so I have put a workshop together. It's a workshop for beginners, just to ease your first steps into yoga Check it out and register if you are interested   Register here